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[SOLVED] importing dbx files
usually when importing dbx files into win10, i would :
create a temp folder in oe , ie ''AAATEST''
close oe
search drive for ''AAATEST''
right click go to folder containing
drop in old dbx file ''BBBORIG'' from previous install in same folder as newly created folders ie in/deleted/out/sent/drafts etc
open oe
now older imported folder ''BBBORIG'' now shows with in/deleted/out/sent/drafts etc

but this time new ''BBBORIG'' does not show , nor any other older dbx file that i try . any ideas ?

cheers rob
hi guys any ideas why i cannot drop in old dbx folders into oe folder? they do not show up in my oe when i open it now? they are in the correct folder which oe has created as explained above. or do you have another procedure for importing my old dbx files?
mods ?
yeh to confirm you cannot drag dbx into your outlook express folder now [or get any support from runasxp mods either] - this new outlook express will not pick up the folder and add it to your folder structure in oe . try as i have for days it simply does not work in win 10 [although it used to]
there is a long loooonnnnng winded fix ive discovered in manually creating them , a long long ballache of a job and you can with a lot of patience fix a botched together work round to set it all back up like it used to look like , but you gotta manually do it all yourself it aint a drag n drop process like it used to be . this oe doesnt pick up the folders now zzz
looks like this websites support have given up these days too
the procces you have done is correct. But:
1. when replacing dbx files, you must first make sure that you have replaced ALL of them (including folders.dbx)
2. make sure that your dbx files are not corrupt.
3. you can try importing them from File>Import menu without need to replace them.

folders dbx i was missing and has helped a lot thanks
This is the procedure I used after installing Outlook Express by Rafail. Open OE and click on "Tools", then select "Options". Then click on the tab "Maintenance". Down the page there is a button called "Store Folder". When you click on that button the path and folder where the *.dbx files are store is shown. I selected "Change" and made my path C:\Users\name\My Mail. You have to create a new "My Mail" sub-folder first. Then I just copied all of the *.dbx files from my old WinXP system into the "My Mail" folder which I created. Then when OE is opened everything should be as it was in Windows XP. I did this on a Windows 7 upgrade so it may be a little different for Windows 10. Also, if you search for the *.wab file and replace it with the *.wab file from your WinXP sytem, all your contacts will be in your OE. You do have to rename the *.wab file from the old sytem to be the same as the user new in Windows 7 or 10. I like to pin the *.wab file to my taskbar so I can just click it to see all my contacts info directly.
thanks for sharing geo791


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