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[SOLVED] Outlook Express 6 for windows 7 will not remember passwords
Outlook Express 6 for windows 7 is great !

but there is a situation that seems to affect many of us.

the program stops remembering the passwords for the email accounts.

the ability to fix this would make this app much more useful.

is there a way to make Outlook Express 6 for windows 7 to KEEP remembering the mail account passwwords ?


i am editing this to add info that might be useful in finding a solution:
when installing i did let it do the 'patch protected storage' install, in fact i doubt it will even install without doing that.
not related to anti malware / virus prgrams at all.
after installed it works ok for several days before it stops remembering the email account passwords, but no matter how many times you remove and re install from scratch, it will ALWAYS forget within a few weeks.

Protected storage service uses these dll files:
These files are located on windows\system32 folder for 32bit windows
and on windows\system32 plus on Windows\SysWOW64 for 64 bit windows.
When you install Outlook express and have checked "patch protected storage" checkbox during instalation, setup stops protected storage, replaces these files, and restarts protectedstorage service again.

Since you see the problem after some days, it means that the files firstly are patched sucessfully (since it remember passwords for some days), so i think these files are replaced back with original ones by the opereting system or by an antivrus software that finds these files modified and replaces them.

windows has a service called "file protection" try disabling it, here is a goo way to do this:

let us know if worked


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