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[SOLVED] Odd Behavior?
Suffered a hard drive failure and had to reload everything.
Starting with Window 10 ver 1511. (from DVD - as always)

When I got to outlook express, install it seemed to go normally (done it a dozen times now) I had to use up a new key..... of course.

But on this PC - and only this one. I get the User Account Control box popping up asking me if If I want to allow this ap from an unknown publisher to make changes to my PC? Normally I only get this box when installing new software (and that's a good thing)- but not just running established programs like OE is now.

User account control settings are the same on this PC's twin, and I never get this. 6 PC's in the fleet - never an issue until this one had to be wiped and re-loaded.


There are 2 shortcuts for oe, the desktop one that will not ask for prompts (UAC) and the start menu shortcut that is notmal and if uac is on will ask.
On Windows 10, uac will ask in both cases if uac is on high level.

UAC is at the default level just as it in of the other PC's.
I keep OE6 on the taskbar as a rule and delete the desktop Icon. (on all my PC's)
I bet I dragged the WRONg one to the taskbar this time.
Is there a way I can replace it?

Like - can you email me a desktop short cut or some thing??
The desktop also has a create shortcut window - I bet I can use that if instructed.
The shortcut path (for avoiding uac prompts) is: C:\Windows\System32\schtasks.exe /run /tn "Outlook Express"
create a new shortcut and enter that path. should work :-)

That DID work - thank you!
Now for extra credit - where can I browse to find the real OE icon?
Yes I can assign it a custom icon. Smile

Never mind - I found it. Just did a search on *.ico and waited - LOL!
Glad to help you,
You also can add path:
%ProgramFiles% (x86)\Outlook Express\tray.exe
for icon as in attached image :-)

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