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[SOLVED] OE not opening links (with google chrome)

I have installed the runasxp version of Outlook express on a friends computer and all is well, except for one thing....

When they open links from OE, nothing appears to happen. If you look at task manager, the browser (google chrome) actually is launched from OE (process is running) - however there is no chrome window displayed. The process consumes 25% CPU time (1 core on this host) and the memory increases.

We are using version 1.6.7 of OE for Windows 7, running on Windows 7 64bit.

Has anyone experienced this behaviour before? Any suggestions I can try? I have tried setting the compatibility mode for OE to be 'Windows XP' (as suggested in a previous thread), this hasn't helped in our case.

Any help is greatly appreciated!
that problem exists and has to do with windows 7 security on programs that are running in compatibility mode. To open links woth chrome go to outlook express installation directory and remove (uncheck) XP sp2 compatibility on MSIMN.exe .
The reason that MSIMN.exe runs with XP SP2 compatibility by default is that "Block images and other external content in HTML e-mail" option is missing in Security tab when running withour compatibility, but you can change it (if needed) and then remove xpsp2 compatibility.


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