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[SOLVED] Lost emails
So, a major windows 10 update deleted OE and required a full reinstall - despite having windows update disabler installed.

The address book was easily found, but user accounts had to be manually reinstalled.

Unfortunately, email files and their respective folders can't be found - where are they likely to be so that OE can access them again?
having installedupdate disabled does not mean that updates are disabled. You must click on "Disable Updates" Button.
the email files (dbx files) are usually not removed from their path so you may find them at :
C:\Users\USERNAME\AppData\Local\Identities\{Identity folder}\Microsoft\Outlook Express
If there are more than one identity folders, check the older one.

You can also try auto restore tool:

I finally managed to restore everything to normal. It didn't help that the file I was looking for was hidden, but once located everything after that was simple.

I have also ensured the windows update disabler is now properly configured - entirely my fault it wasn't previously! Undecided

Thanks for your help. Smile
I have always found with OE that it solves a lot of problems to create a subfolder in your Documents folder for each of your identities.
Then you go to Tools, Maintenance and look for Store folder.
Change this to the new subfolder which you have created in each identity. OE will then ask if you wish to change to the new subfolder and you confirm..
If you follow this procedure with the older version of OE you will find all your old emails in the newer version of OE after you have followed the same procedure.
My OE always uses the store folders in my Documents folder and I have never had a problem to get my old emails back.
I always had a problem finding the store folder and once I changed to the above it was much easier.
I hope this can help somebody.
Thanks for sharing Henk.


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