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[SOLVED] Laptop battery problem
I am having problems on my notebook with Windows 10. I cant start the OE when power cable is disconnected. When I plug the cable in, the OE starts immediately.
Thanks for help.
You may have adjusted your laptop power settings and that may prevet using programs on battery to save power. Check if your laptop has a special power management software that may do that. Otherwise you can set your power settings on control panel (power plan for "On Baterry") to Max Performance

No, it is not problem. But, I solved my problem yesterday.

You have XML task Startoe (C:\Windows\system32\Tasks\Startoe). In this file is problem:


Why true?

I changed this option in Windows Tasks, and problem is solved.
That task helps OE run without UAC prompts on Windows 7, If you run OE from normal start menu shortcut it runs with UAC prompt but without using Task and will run in any power state.

The task sould be false but it actually is not even declared in OE setup and windows adds it true (by default). This will be fixed on next version. Thanks for sahring


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