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[SOLVED] Inline images not showing problem

I installed windows 7 and the great oe you provided

The problem I'm facing is when I insert images to my emails, they DONT display in, that is Hotmail users WONT see your images.

If i send the very same email from my notebook with xp, the same email is displayed ok.

So I went right click on the image that is NOT showing in inside the email sent from windows 7 using the OE downloaded from and throws this

https:// 0d0d01cfa061$bc4bf480$6a64a8c0@x2/

Note: a space was added after // cos I can't post clickable urls as a rule of this forum

Where x2 is my pc's name. As you see that short url doesn't contain the necessary for the picture to be displayed apparently

Instead the email that is working ok because it was sent from my notebook, using the win xp and oe, looks longer like that

https: //

I fully asume something is going wrong with the OE installed in windows 7.

another test I did: send the email from my windows 7, but from a webmail, as a result, the images shows in too.

So the problem is when I use the OE email client installed from

About in OE shows 6.00.2900.2180 (xp_sp2_rtm.040803-2158)

I don't want to give up using OE in windows 7, please tell me a fix!
You can do it!
I tested sending emails with images on Hotmail ( account and all seems to work fine, please check any security settings, also please send me a test email with an image so i cane see that problem. ill pm you my Hotmail email.

I tested sending emails with images on Hotmail ( account and all seems to work fine, please check any security settings, also please send me a test email with an image so i cane see that problem. ill pm you my Hotmail email.

PM sent.

Sorry, I did't check that, and no, all emails where images don't show properly are those sent with this OE. Because I send the same email with my notebook and looks ok in hotmail.

See image in

Is a screen capture, where shows the icon of missing images
those images looks like that in code
<font size="3" face="Tahoma"><img border="0" hspace="0" alt="" src="http s://0d1401cfa061$bc4c1b90$6a64a8c0@X2" align="baseline"><img border="0" hspace="0" alt="" src="http s://0d1501cfa061$bc4c1b90$6a64a8c0@X2" align="baseline"><img border="0" hspace="0" alt="" src="http s://0d1601cfa061$bc4c42a0$6a64a8c0@X2" align="baseline"></font>

Note: since I can not post clickable links, I'm putting a space in between http and s
Adding relevant information: if that is a problem of browser settings why are my costumers (many of them) saying *they* can't see the images?
And why are they saying, ok, now I see it, after I send the same email from my OE in xp in notebook (rather than from my win 7 with OE installed from runasxp).

My understanding is that is something related to the OE client.

Besides, I tried from different browers and pcs, and images are not correctly displayed in either case.

But I can see the images in other emails (between same browsers) when I'm in, other people's images, and even my own images *when* those are sent from my correct OE in xp. But not when those are sent with my OE downloaded from runasxp in my win 7.

Just my 2 cents.
>Sent you PM

PM replied.

Today August 8th tests sharing:

Installed Mozilla Thunderbird inserted 3 images (same windows 7 pc) sent it to my, the images shows perfectly. Accessing from any browser to

Started windows 7 en safemode, sent email from Run as xp OE, but the images still don't show in my account, accessing from any browser to
(is not something about security on my own pc or settings)

In same session I took a look at other emails sent by my to my hotmail accunt but sent from other OE (installed on win xp) those are shown correctly.

Sent some email to a costumer from Run as xp mode, her answer was: "where are the link so I can see the images?" (ouch!).

Started windows 7 in normal mode. Nothing changed.
Emails sent to yahoo, and gmail are ok anyway. But sadly there are tons of hotmail users and many of them are not being able to see inserted images in Run as xp OE running on windows 7.
Another observation: In emails sent from Run as xp OE, shows in the list mode a clip ICON on the right (from the view where you see the subject, before clicking the message to read it)

But emails sent from my xp with the original OE, or from thunderbird doesn't. (Those are precisely the ones showing the inline images correctly).

In OE sent itemsif you right click on the inline image inserted, and "save picture as" the path looks like this: !cid_000d01cfb34b$86d13390$6764a8c0@X2

where X 2 is my pc's name
More testing: disabling antivirus (avast) doesn't solve
Accessing from different browsers doesn't solve it (chrome, firefox)

Any clues anybody?
A discovery: the issue seems to affect just old accounts (perhaps those migrated when hotmail dissapeared to became, instead those created after arrived, for instance, new or recently created accounts).

What I have this far is all emails shows ok in my old account but those sent using Runasxp's OE latest version
Several costumers using email accounts, can't see the pictures either only if I send it with your OE (they do if I send it using an original xp OE). settings, were the same for the old account and the new one in this testing so doesn't seem to have something to do with visualization settings itself.

Email from costumer in response to mine sent with this OE:

"No se puede mostrar el mensaje debido al formato. Solicite al remitente que lo envíe de nuevo con otro formato o desde otro programa de correo. multipart/related"

Wich means, can't show message due to forma. Ask sender to send again with another format or from another email client multipart/related

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