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[SOLVED] How to Exclude Outlook Express from UAC
Here is an easy way to exclude Outlook Express from Windows UAC, so it wont ask every time to run oe.

Step 1: Run Task Scheduler and create new task
[Image: ExcludeUAC1.jpg]

[Image: ExcludeUAC2.jpg]

Step 2: On the 'General' Tab write the name of the task (we can write the exe file's name that we want to exclude), Check 'Run with highest priviliges' chackbox and select 'Windows 7.." on 'Configure for'.
[Image: ExcludeUAC3.jpg]

Step 3: On the 'Actions' Tab, click 'New'
[Image: ExcludeUAC4.jpg]

Step 4: On 'Program/Script' Box write what you see on picture
and on 'Arguments' box write: /c start "startoe.exe" "c:\program files\outlook express\startoe.exe" and click 'OK'
That path may be different on your pc (oe installation path).
[Image: ExcludeUAC5.jpg]

[Image: ExcludeUAC6.jpg]

Step 5: On 'Conditions' Tab, Unckeck 'tart the task only if conputer is on AC power' checkbox and click 'OK'
[Image: ExcludeUAC7.jpg]

Step 6: Close task scheduler and create a new shortcut on desktop
[Image: ExcludeUAC8.jpg]

Step 7: On the shortcut location write: \schtasks.exe /run /tn "startoe.exe"
[Image: ExcludeUAC9.jpg]

Step 8: Write the shortcut name (Outlook Express) and click 'Finish'
[Image: ExcludeUAC10.jpg]

Step 9: Right click, Properties on shortcut created
[Image: ExcludeUAC11.jpg]

Step 10: Click 'Cange icon'
[Image: ExcludeUAC12.jpg]
and 'OK' on that message
[Image: ExcludeUAC13.jpg]

Step 11: Click 'Browse' and go to Outlook Express installation folder, there select 'msimn.exe' and click 'open'
[Image: ExcludeUAC14jpg]

[Image: ExcludeUAC15.jpg]

Step 12: Select the firts icon and click 'OK'
[Image: ExcludeUAC16.jpg]

Click 'OK' again
[Image: ExcludeUAC17.jpg]

Step 13: Shortcut is ready, We can delete old OE shortcut
[Image: ExcludeUAC18.jpg]

Finished! If we run oe from that shortcut, it wont ask every time for confirmation!


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