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[SOLVED] Format tool bar is missing when creating a message
Hello! First of all: what a GREAT JOB you did!

Having OE in Win 7 = Yessssss!!!!!!

I started using it and see this: when I create a new message, the tool where normally you see an icon to add image, font format as bold, italic, unerline, font type and size is missing.

I've downloaded your last version which I understand is multilanguage and choose "spanish" because my SO is spanish (if you dont see that bug in English, how can I use english version from now?).

I've checked the menu "View" > Toolbars > Format (and a check mark is there), in spanish is

Ver > Barra de Herramientas > Formato

Tried checking it and unchecking it, but it doesnt show up.

Can you tell me if is there a solution for that?

Thanks in advance!

image of missing toolbar here: (tried to insert it but says that I can't post clickable images...?)
Already asked!

That problem will be fixed on new version soon, since then, you can download inetres.dll (attachment) and replace it on your Outlook express installation directory

Download inetres.dll

So cool! It works! Thank you!!!!

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