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Runtime Error '53'
I installed OE6 on my Windows 7 computer this morning and purchased the keys.
When I tried to open it from both the Start menu and also by clicking on the desktop icon I just saw a brief flash of the OE logo followed by a box with 'RUNTIME ERROR '53'. FILE NOT FOUND'.

I uninstalled the program and then reinstalled it again. I got the same result. I then uninstalled it again and got the same result once more.

Have you any other suggestions other than simply uninstalling it for the third time and reinstalling again?

By the way, each time I inserted the key(s) I received, but just got the message : 'Unable to connect. Check your internet'. My internet is connected and working perfectly.

Thank you.
The error you get is because most likely you did not complete installation since you get connectivity error on setup.
Please make sure that you have downloaded last version:
and that there is no antivirus or firewall blocking installation.

I uninstalled the failed installation and downloaded the latest version.

When asked I inserted the key I obtained earlier. 'Please wait..' proceeded to check but eventually displayed this message:
'Cannot connect to server to check installation. Please check your connectivity or try again later.'

My internet connection was working perfectly. My firewall and antivirus were both turned off by me before installation.

The same error continues to show when I try to open the program from the startup menu or the desktop icon.

Any further suggestions?

Thank you.
Are you haveing more than one network connections? This may be the issue.
If yes, disconnect from all netwroks except the one you are connected to internet.
If no, it would be better to chack that with teamviewer, contact me at

I don't have more than one connection, Rafail. I'm just a lone home user.

I'll contact you at

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