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Run with simple user rights

I am a French sysadmin in a small company based in Paris. We are switching to Windows 7X64  from XP on new PCS and wish to continue using OE.
We installed the latest version kindly released from RunAsXp, but after installation, the program require user to type in credentials for a user with Admin rights.
The problem remains the same after multiple reinstallation and on other PCS with W7X64.
For security reasons, we never give admin rights to users and all programs are run with simple user rights (not even super user nor user with "powers")

Is there a way to run this version without Admin rights ?

Thank you in advance for the feeback and best regards

Valery CHIU
Yes, you can run without admin rights but some features (or some settings) may be unavailable. This happens because on win 7 and newer some system features (that oe uses) need admin right (on xp did not).
In any case, you can send and receive emails normally.

How to run without admin rights

Method 1:

Quote:Run outlook express and right click on tray icon, then click on "Create shortcut to tun without admin rights". This will automatically create the shortcut that you can run oe without admin rights on Desktop

See more here:

Method 2:

Quote:create a shortcut of msimn.exe file located on outlook express installation directory and run it from there, it will not ask for admin rights.

Thank you very much!

It worked exactly as you said

Kind regards

Happy to help you!


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