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Run-Time error 53
Hi, I just donate to use OE and after i closed it, when i reopen i havae always this message:"OESys Tray - Run-Time error 53 - File not found".
What i have to do?
Thanks, Aldo.

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if you have norton, you must open norton antivirus go to quarantine, and restore file 'msimn.exe'
aslo you have to put that file on exclusions.

This usually happens when Norton marks that file and puts it in quarantine. This is a false positive alert by Norton Antivirus discussed many times on forum.

If you dont have Norton antivirus, please just try reinstalling.

Good morning and thank you for your answer.
Yes, i don't have Norton but KIS and i reinstalled OE and now are working well.

I downloaded your "restore" software, but from where it will restore all files that software?
I only make every day the copy of all that OE archive in store folder (that i have changed the path.

Thanks for your reply, Aldo.
restore tool is restoring oe after win 10 updates,
it restores files from windows.old directory where files are located after windows 10 upgrades.

If you make backups of your store folder, it is just fine.


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