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Restoring after Win10 Update
I downloaded the Restore OE Tool, and it ran till I get the following message:

Unhandled exception has occurred in your application... Could not find file

I searched the PC for that .reg file but could not locate it. I suspect the Win10 update wiped that entry. BTW, OE is found in the Windows.old directory, (programsx86) but not the active Widows.

Installation also indicated it did not find the Registry User Hives entry and says the Accounts will not be restored.

Thanks in advance
Most likely win 10 upodate has wiped your oe registry entries.
As i have said many times, windows 10 users must know that updates on windows 10 must be turned off to avoid loosing oe.
More here:

Try installing oe and import old emails.

to find your old mails follow these steps:

1. Open your identities folder, identities folders are forders named somethidg like {067F4077-CDFB-71B0-454C-5F2444DD4544}
The path of these folders is "C:\Users\YOUR USER NAME\AppData\Local\Identities\"
.First of all make a backup of all folders in case you make a mistake so you wont loose your emails.
2. Normally you will see there more than one folders (identities folder).
The older one has your old emails.
If there are more than two then check the size of folder, the folder with bigger size has more mails so could be the one you need.
Right click to see which is older one and replace the contents of older identity folder to newer one.
*DO NOT replace the identity folder name, just replace the "Outlook Express" folder that is inside identity folder (replace newer with older one)
3. Run outlook express to check if mails are there.


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