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Recovering OE 6 Configuration
I have here an Outlook Express on a HD that with a Windows XP damaged.

I changed the operating system to Windows 10 and managed to retrieve all messages.

I wonder if it's possible to recover the configurations of these accounts, especially SMT server, POP3 .. the passwords already have ..
Hello Angelo,

Here is a guide to recover your Account Information from external hdd, ( it requires some tech skills)

1.First download RegEdit PE, This tool allows us to import registry from external hdd so we can work with it.
Run it using Right click > Run as Administrator (!Important)

.zip (Size: 92.81 KB / Downloads: 4)

2. Let's say that the drive that has old OS is "H:" drive, Run RegEdit PE and it will ask you to browse for folder, open H:\Windows\System32\Config and click "Open" for all files that it asks (Sam, Security, System and Software files).

3. It will ask to select remote user profile hive (ntuser.dat), Click YES

and open the ntuser.dat file on the harddrive (H:\) on your user profile folder. The path is (for XP) H:\Documents And Settings\YOUR USER NAME\ntuser.dat


4. After ntuser.dat file selected it will ask again to select remote user profile hive (ntuser.dat), Click NO this time.

5. Once it loads hives, browse on thye Registry window to "HKEY_USERS"

You will find there a key called _RREMOTE_YourUSername (in my case _REMOTE_RAFAIL)
Expand that tree and navigate to "Software>Microsoft>Internet Account Manager>Accouns"

There is a key (folder) called "00000001", you may find more keys there depending on how many Outlook Express accounts you had (eg 00000002 e.t.c).

Click on that key (00000001) and you will see on the right column the account settings (servers, username and so on)

The only bad thing here is that password is encrypted and you cannot see it.
That's it!


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