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Re odering group folders in Address book
Hi first post and have to say how great it is to have OE on my Win 10 PC

Is it possible to re order the group folders in the address book alphabetically, there are 8 of them.

Also when I initially imported the address book it did not create these group folders. I had to do manually place addresses in new group folders. Is there a way this can be done automatically if I need to reinstall OE in the future

as i know, groups are bring ordered alphabetically by default, there is nothing needed to do that.
Now, for importing, have you tried to replace wab file (instead of using import menu)?

Yes you are correct they are listed alphabetically when viewing the address book.

However I did not explain myself clearly - I was referring to when I send an  email and I select from the drop down box to pick a recipient from a group they are not in alphabetical order.
i dont thisnk that this can be changed.
But you can try renaming the groups and adding numbers before name (like 1-group, 2-group)
maby this way it will bring in numeric order.

Thanks Rafael I tried that but unfortunately it did not work

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