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Quick Question?
Why does your version of OE use Task Scheduler to launch as opposed to launching MSIMN like it did back in XP days?

-W (just curious is all)
It uses Task Scheduler to avoid UAC prompts on windows 7 and 8.
but you can run it normally from start menu shortcut (not from desktop one) that runs it directly. In that case if UAC is enabled you will have to click to allow it to run avery time.

Rafail, maybe you might take a look at this article:

As I understand, this task scheduler trick is also the reason of the effect I posted at

Can you share, what is the purpose of StartOE.exe, compared to msimn.exe and fidolook.exe?

P.S. I wonder if UAC has ever actually prevented anything for anyone in human history.
StartOE.exe adds the tray icon for outlook express.
msimn.exe starts outlook express but in newer windows it should not be opened directly because it needs administrative rights. On XP, user rights were much more that next windows versions and thre was not need for that.
StartOE adds administrative rights also.
fidolook.exe adds fidolook addon and it is not required.
Hope that helped!


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