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Purchased product
I purchased the product but I still get these unwanted ads about every 2 to 4 emails I click to delete. I am starting to regret this purchase as OE doesn't integrate with my virus protection and I am still getting these ads.

Anyone have any ideas to fix these problems. Someone suggested I use some other program for my spam problem but that still doesnt fix the virus protection problem.

I really like the program itself just not the other aspects of it. Seems to have too may disadvantages to be worthwhile in the long run for me. Dont mean to be a Danny Downer.
Ads emails are Spam and you need antispam filter, spam are quite common these days but most email providers block spam and there is no need of spam filters. Installing outlook express or any other email client does not mean that you will stop spam, email client (like outlook express) does not have antispam by itself.
If you get spam emails (ads) and if your antivirus spam filter (intergration) in not compatible, you need a compatible antispam filter and you can download it here for free:

As for viruses, if you have antivirus you are covered. Antivirus intergration on email client (like outlook express) is actually antispam filter, viruses are in any case being filtered by antivirus if you try to open an email containing virus and there is antivirus itself blocking it not "intergration add-on". "intergration add-on" is only for spam


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