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Problem installing Vers. 6.1.1
Unless I am mistaken, there is as yet no thread about "Problem installing Vers. 6.1.1" - which hopefully means that everything is working great for everybody else and my problem can be easily remedied.

I have been unable to access my Outlook Express since the FORMER version was BLOCKED a week ago, and I haven't been able to get the NEWER version to work. Was it really necessary to kill the OLD version before the NEW version was working???

At any rate, I've tried using the various codes, all of which say they WERE "SUCCESSFUL", but after rebooting, I keep coming back to the same "Enter CODE" page, instead of my NEW Outlook Express and my mail !!! Huh

Just in case it may be relevant, when I first tried to enter the code, I was given a message indicating that "Outlook Express" was not where it was expected on my drive. I found it in the C:\Windows.old\Program Files(x(86), so I moved that folder to "C:\Program Files(x(86)\Outlook Express", and then the install program started to work ALMOST to a successful conclusion.
Looks like you have done an upgrade to Windows 7 from XP, thus the folder Windows.old. If you moved the folder found in Windows.old, you have moved your old Outlook Express program used in Windows XP. This OE won't run in Win7, thus the reason for the new modified Runasxp. I would suggest running disk cleanup and tick the box to remove old system files. You won't be able to just delete the Windows.old folder. Then delete that Outlook Express folder you moved into C:\Program Files (x86) folder. If you look at the date on those files you will see they are from the old OE, not the new one. You must have a 64-bit version of Windows because that version creates two folders, one is C:\Program Files (x86) which is for 32-bit programs, and a second folder C:\Program Files, which is for 64-bit programs. In any case if you then reinstall oe6_v2.1.1.exe, it should create a new OE folder with the correct files to run OE. If you have email from the WinXP OE, you can replace the one created by the new version of OE and then you will be able to see those old emails. Make sure to copy the folder.dbx file alone with the other *.dbx files. Hope this helps. Rafail has been a little slow to respond to our questions in the forum. Oh, and make sure you have a backup of that Windows.old folder before deleting it so you can find those *.dbx files if you need to.
Thank you very much, Geo791, for your very promising reply.

I have been able to do everything that you recommended. But I don't know you to do the last step , i.e.

(05-18-2017, 09:48 AM)geo791 Wrote: . . . In any case if you then reinstall oe6_v2.1.1.exe, it should create a new OE folder with the correct files to run OE.

I have clicked on what appeared to be to the ORIGINAL version, but then discovered that it was vers. 6.1.1!
So I downloaded that, closed all OTHER windows, installed it (sucessfully) and rebooted, as instructed ?
Then I held my breath, and up popped THE SAME PROBLEM SCREEN DESCRIBED IN MY FIRST POST !!!!
I have since used a sneaky way to get OE to "work", (by invoking the OE "msimn.exe" file), which got me into the program, but with NONE of my past data. By changing the storage location back to my folder, I can see my old mail, but have lost my Addresbook and mail servers, and mail rules.
Do you have the same exact user name in the newer version of Windows? Do a search on your system for *.wab files. You should see the one with your user name in the new Windows version. You need to find the *.wab file from your old OE and rename it if needed to be the same exact user name as the one your found in Window. Then delete the one you found and replace it with the one from your old OE. I did a fresh install of Windows 7, from a Windows XP operating system and when I installed Windows 7 I used a slightly different user name. That is why I had to rename the old *.wab file to match the name in Windows 7. I actually created a shortcut on my taskbar for the address book. Then I can open it use it without having to even open OE...very handy.

Also, I changed the store location for my email folders. I changed mine to C:\Users\Geo\My Mail so I could easily fine the folders later to do archiving and manage the folders.

You are saying you are installing version 6.1.1, the correct file name is oe6_2.1.1. When I say your old version of OE, I am speaking about the one used in your old Windows XP system. You need to be able to access those old *.dbx files and *.wab file and replace the ones created by OE6_v2.1.1.exe with those original files basically. If you can't access these files on your current system, do you have another laptop or desktop with Windows XP and OE on it which was set up to access you mail servers?

The new version of OE6_v2.1.1 will install on Windows 7,8, or 10 but you will have to manually set up your accounts in it and set you options like you want so it will look exactly like the old OE. I printed out the pages from the old OE to capture the account settings before installing Windows 7. There are lot of hoops to jump through but once you have it all setup it will be worth it to have a working OE back again. It's still the easiest and cleanest email client available. Thanks to Rafail for making this possible for us.

Good luck.

Not sure which version of Windows you are currently running, or how you did the upgrade. Apparently it was not a clean install, thus the old Windows.old folder on you system. Was that Windows XP, or another version of Windows? The last system that Outlook Express worked on was Windows XP. Windows 7 and later used Windows Live Mail.

I would still suggest uninstalling Outlook Express using the Windows uninstall programs feature. Then use Windows explorer and look for any left over folders from OE and delete them. There may be some in c:\programs and also in c:\users\username\AppData\Roaming. All the versions of Windows use a different file structure.

After you delete all instances of OE, then start over with a clean install of oe6_v2.1.1 and then follow my directions for replacing the default *.dbx folder with the *.dbs folder from the Windows XP OE. Then replace the *.wab file with the one from the Windows XP OE. You will still need to open the new OE and setup your accounts like these were in the old OE.

Thank you so much, Geo, for trying to help me.
Judging from your last response, you seem to think I am trying to update from Windows 7. I did that a year or so ago. What I was FORCED TO DO last week was upgrade from that working Windows 10 RUNASXP version to the new 6.1.1. That when all my problems started.
I wrote in my last post yesterday (May 18,) that I had gerryrigged the program and gotten it to work.. But today, I'm getting the same "runtime error 53" I was getting yesterday after very carefully following all of your instructions to the letter.
I have found my old *.wab file. Are you saying that I will have to recreate all of my account server info and mail rules, once I finally get the OE program to work?
It looks like some other program is blocking your installation. This has not to do with this version.
Try closing all programs, antivirus may be the problem also, turn it off while installing and check if it opens.


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