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Is it possible to change POP emails to Imap without loosing saved emails  Huh If so How.
POP and IMAP are 2 different protocols:
POP downloads and stores emails locally. If you delete an email it will be deleted only on OE not on server (except if you have set to delete emails after receiving)
If you make a folder and move some emails there, that folder will not exist on server.
So POP downloads emails and all changes you make are bing stored on your computer.

IMAP is a 'Live' Mirror connection with your server.
If you make a folder on an IMAP account, folder will be created on server. So if you have 2 computers and use IMAP, changes on emails and folders take effect instantly on both computers, since all changes are being made on server not locally.

If you want to use a POP email, you can simply create a new identity (File>Identities) and there a new pop account.
OE will start downloading your email messages from that account.
Until you get all your emails, you can switch between identities and have both accounts (POP and IMAP)


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