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OutlookExpress Installation not possible

 After Update of Windows 10 Outlook does not open anymore. Reinstallation does not work. I get message in German it means:

The application has attempted an operation that is not allowed by the security policy. Contact the system administrator (That's me ?? !!) to grant the application the required authority. Or use the Micrsoft .NET Framework configuration tool. (I do not know what that is and where to find) If you click Next, the application ignores the error and sets the operation to finish. (But it works and works and will not finish.)
The requested registration access is prohibited.

How can I solve this problem?

THX in advance!

Regards tubarao
Please download last version 2.2.1:

Thank you, Raphael. 
Whoever created that installation did a great job.
Everything appeared to go very well, but there were two problems.
One I was able to quickly resolve. That problem may only have occurred because I allowed the program to install in a NEW location of its choosing. It might not have occurred if I chose to have it installed in its ORIGINAL location.  At any rate, there was no old data once I started the program, so it wanted to start with a new account. I cancelled that process and was able to get into the program. After first finding out where my previous "*.dbx" mail data files were being stored, I went to  "Tools", "Options", "Maintenance", "Store Folder" and replaced the box contents with THAT location. After restarting O E, everything looked great. All the mail seems to have been recovered.

But NOW, I've discovered that the program has lost its ACCOUNT info.  Can THAT be recovered?
You can try the restore tool:
restore tool will restore accounts and emails after win 10 update and reinstall oe.
Make a backup of your mails first

Hi all,

I to have a problem, I have the front page on screen and can switch through different pages absolutely perfect as original, but cannot send or receive, all I get is a message ending with with error No Ox  800 cccOD,  anybody have any ideas to a complete non technical 75 year old old fasioned automobile engineer,


most likely you have set wrong account settings.
Please let me know what email service (google, yahoo e.t.c) you use so i can help


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