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Outlook Express on Server 2012 R2 - Try for Send Outside Application
Hi, i'm new in this forum, i'd like to know if your outlook express can install on server 2012 R2 and if possible to send email via outlook express from outside application without prompt message "An outside application try to send email".

You know if it run ?

Thanks to all !!
Yes Outlook Express can be installed on Server 2012 and security prompts ca be disabled on Outlook Express settings menu (See pic)


Hi OE6 run on Win2012 Server R2, but ...
This my configuration:

- Server 2012 R2 with 10 user
- User connect on Server via Remote Desktop

Now i need to install OE6 for each user but when install
OE6 for user name PIPPO all run for PIPPO,
when install OE6 for user name PLUTO all run for PLUTO and stop
run for PIPPO.

It's possible in some way, to install for all user ?

Thanks in advance (and sorry for my english)
Hello, that can easily solved by creating identities for each user. Open outlook express and go to File>Identity>Add new Identity

After creating identities, you can switch to each identity by File>Switch Identity

You can also add a password to each identity so users cannot open other users identities.



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