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Outlook Express Address Book
The difference in file size is normal because there were some minor updates on v2.1 before official release (yesterday). These updates had not to do with Address book but in any case re-downloading was the most sure solution to try.

Thank you for your words and i am happy that you solved the problem.

Reboot is not required for this.
The reason that when you try to send pictures using send-to is not sending, is because most likely you had not set Outlook express as default program.
1.Open control panel and go to "Default programs"
2.Select "Set your default programs"
3.Find Outlook express on the list and click "Set this program as default"

and you can now send your pictures.
Note: Picture names and path must be in English

Thank you for all your help. I set Outlook Express as the default program for everything. Now when I right-click on a picture I see a new entry called "Send to Outlook Express" in addition to the "Send to Mail Recipient". When I select the "Send to Outlook Express" it now opens the window to make the picture smaller for email. Everything is working great now. All issues are now resolved...thanks again for resurrecting Outlook Express.
you are welcome Geo


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