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Outgoing Unicode messages truncated
I am running OE on a Windows 8.1 laptop.
Recently I am facing the following problem :
When sending messages with Unicode characters (Greek), if I select "send as unicode" the message gets truncated after the first 15 lines or so. After the last normal text it shows a few "trash" characters and then nothing.
The strange thing is that if I select "send as is" the message is not truncated but then I get trash characters on the title (if it is in Greek).
This problem has occurred in the last month or so. I did not have it before.
Any ideas ?
Thank you
Have you set correct encoding? This is very important for Languages like Greek, Chinese, Russian and so on.
in your case, encoding must be set to Greek on oe setings, please take a look on attached images.


No, that's not it.
Encoding was already set to Greek (ISO). I tried also Greek (Windows) but with no success.
I had not changed encoding or any OE settings whatsoever when this thing started. Could it have to do with some Window update that was installed in the background ?
It may be, you can try a reinstallation to be sure that any file is not affected by an update.
Also, that may be caused by an antispam addon, some antivirus software have antispam addons and filters that may confict with oe and cause such issues. If that issue startes after installing an antivirus or any antispam addon you can try disabilng that. You must also check if that happens only in one receipient or on all receipients because this may be recipient issue not sender (yours).


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