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OE6 mailtransfer from one local folder to an other
OE6 run now on my WIN7 (32bit) and I've also copied my mails from my old XP machine to the new WIN7 machine. After then I've made a new local folder (for store in it older mails) and want to moving my old mails to the new folder.

Now to my problem, a summary after some tests:

Moving approx. 1.000 mails from one folder to an other:
a) on OE6-WIN7:
The HD works for a time, the marked mails in the send folder disappers, but the the receive folder is empty. Also the size of the receive "folder file" (for example "newfolder,dbx") is approx. 75kB, so as an empty folder after new creating it.
b) on OE6-XP:
All mails moved correct to the receive folder. The size of the receive "folder file" is after moving all mails approx. 550.000kB.

Moving approx. 500 mails, or less, from one folder to an other:
Works correct on both machines.

Did anyone know the limits for moving mails, or the reason for this smaller limits as on XP, with OE6 on WIN7?

Thanks in advance, Walter
Thats interesting
Actually there is no limit bur when moving so many mails, maby an email had a currupt header or something like. I have not tried moveing so many mails form one folder to another to be honest.
You can try compactina mail folder and retry.

Anyway, since it works normally when moving up to 500 mails i think its not a big deal.

Thanks for sharing!


as additional information: "compacting all" was made before I've copied the mails to the WIN7 machine. And (look for cpoied) the moving was made in identical way, with the identical mail files. I do it so on XP, after the action fails on WIN7.

If I remember correct, the limit of OE mail files was written with 2Gb!? Therfore, my actual mail filesizes with approx. max. 550.000 to 600.000kb should not be the reason.

But of course, I can and will work without problems, moving 1.000 mail with 2 times 500 mails. The true problem is an other one:
I dont' have in future a parallel XP machine. And without a backup, and in the case also 500 mails are maybe sometimes too much (the size of the mails are also variable, in addiction to mail attachments), the moved mails are lost. Therefore I asked for known limits.

And I don't know, the reason for the error is the count of mails? Or the size of the mail files? So as I understood, I was the 1st one with this problem here.
PS: If interesting for you, I'm also ready to do some more tests, if you have proposals for it.

Anyway, the actual "work around" must be, to copy all mail files into a backup folder, before moving (a lot of) mails between folders of OE.


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