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OE won't scroll, won't close with x
Hi folks, I guess I don't come here enough. I've forgotten too much, how to get to replies to problems in the Search box, etc.
Anyway, my OE, the latest version, will not let me scroll through a received email using the scroll bars unless I double click it to make it large, then I can scroll. It's a pain. Also it won't close with the x up in the right hand corner. I have to go the icon in the system tray and choose Exit or go to File and choose Exit from there. I haven't made any drastic changes, no new programs etc., so I have no idea what's causing this.

I await your expertise in how to remedy this. :-)


Ron K
I see no one posted any solutions to this mess with OE. I reinstalled OE just to see what would happen. And of course I had to use one of my registration keys to do that. It worked fine for a few hours and now I'm right back where I was before I reinstalled it. Crazy! And I"m out one of my keys...
Hello Ron,
Please check if you have any third party program that may try to react with oe and causes that. Usually some antivirus may try to scan emails and frereeze oe.
In that case, you can disable that feature on your antivirus pogram.


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