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OE opens only in the background
I sought help once before here for this problem and it was resolved. Outlook Express opens up in front of any other windows on my laptop, but I bought a nice but used pc on eBay (HP Workstation Z200), and now even the latest RunAsXP OE version (2.1.1) opens up maximized but in the background. Have tried everything.

Wondering if the problem is Windows 7 PROFESSIONAL on the new computer whereas OE works fine on my laptop which has Windows 7 Home Premium.

Would anyone know a solution? Any help will be much appreciated!
I solved this frustrating problem of OE opening only in the background, and I had to click on OE twice on the taskbar to get it to open up! Don't know why this worked, but what I did was exchange the complete Outlook Express folder in Program Files (86) on my laptop with the Outlook Express folder on my other desktop computer that had the problem, OE now opens perfectly in the foreground!
thanks for sharing that Brainetree


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