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OE not working with Firefox
OE6 works fine as a stand alone but when I try to use it as the default application in FF mailto, it does not work correctly. I am using Windows 7 32-bit and FF is my default browser. I have verified that OE6 is the default email client in Windows default programs. I have uninstalled both OE6 and FF, and then reinstalled both again. Verified OE6 as default mailto in FF, and Window default email client once again.

When using Firefox and clicking on "Email a link to this page", OE6 opens to my Inbox instead of the compose new message window. When I click on a link in FF to "Contact Us" (mailto:, again OE6 opens to my Inbox instead of the compose new message window. Reinstalling oe6_v2.1.1.exe has NOT corrected the problem.

This feature is one I use often in Firefox. It worked fine with Windows XP and the original OE so I believe there is an issue in the code of the runasxp program. Rafail has suggested I verify OE as being the default email client, which I have done. He also suggested reinstalling oe6_v2.1.1.exe, which I have also done several times. The issue still exists. Am I the only user experiencing this issue?
Geo, this topic already exists.
As already discusses, if you have issues when firefex updated, try reinstalling oe and make it default again. There is nothing else that i can help here.
Maby there is a conflic with some other program on your side, maby. On my tests reinstalling and making oe default again solves this issue.

This is a fresh install of Windows 7 Home Premium 32-bit. I download the latest version of Firefox and then your OE6_v2.1.1.
As I have stated, I have verified several times that OE is the default email client. I have reinstalled OE several times to fix the issue and nothing has worked. I don't know what else to do either. I thought that maybe some other users had this issue and would post, but no one has posted. I created a new thread as my thought was that it would get more attention. Thank you anyway ;-(
Today I uninstalled Firefox and I uninstalled OE6_v2.1.1. I then reinstalled Firefox and then OE6_v2.1.1 once again. When I open Firefox options, applications, the email client is mailto: Outlook Express Default, which is grayed out. When I click on the "contact us" nothing happens but then when I close FF there is a message window stating that the default email client is not installed correctly. Then when I close the message, IE starts opening multiple windows. I wait until the windows stop opening and then click on "close all windows". Very strange activity. OE6_v2.1.1 does not appear to be compatible with FF, or IE. It works fine as a stand alone program, just not in any of the browsers. I have verified that OE6 is the default email client in the control panel.
I did the same thing with the same results.....
(07-23-2017, 02:47 AM)Billieg Wrote: I did the same thing with the same results.....

Well it's been over two months and I have not found a solution to this issue. Rafail kind of deserted me and would no longer respond to this issue. He said there was nothing more he could help with on this. I still believe there is a bug in the runasxp versioin of OE. I did not have any issues with OE6 which came with IE on my Windows XP machine.

I just let FF open my OE to the Inbox. Then I click on "Create Message" to open the window and then I go back to FF and copy the email address and paste it into OE. If it's a web site link I want to send, I copy the site info and paste it back into OE. It's a little clunky but it is the only way I have found around this issue. Apparently Rafail doesn't think it worth the effort to find a solution. I am glad I'm not the only one having the issue. No one else has responded to my issue either. Good luck, maybe someone will resolve this at some point.
Search the forums for "Read Mail". There's a discussion there from a couple years ago which describes registry changes which had to be made to get mailto working, and those still work in FF54. But... as you noted, it's still not fully functional as far as clicking a mailto address, opening OE and creating an email with the mailto address in the To field.
That said, it does at least open OE, and I can proceed manually from there. I keep hoping that there will be a new version of OE one of these days to clean up mailto and some of the other minor bugs too, but... so far that hasn't happened.

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