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OE does not remain running
Hi Rafael.

I had an old version of OE, which I took from you some time ago. It was installed perfectly in my notebook. It turns out there was an update of windows 10 of April and it does not open anymore. I mean it opens and closes. The program does not work. I uninstalled, downloaded the last update and installed again. Still it opens and after a few seconds it closes. Was there something to do? I like OE too much, but it seems that after the Windows 10 update I will not be able to run the program anymore.Thank you.
Mirian M.( São Paulo - Brasil)
Hello Mirian,
please check if your email folders are corrupt.
1. open your store folder where emails are stored. The default path is:
C:\Users\YOUR USERNAME\AppData\Local\Identities\{IDENTITY FOLDER}\Microsoft\Outlook Express

you will find DBX files there. Move that files to another directory and try to open outlook express. If it opens normally try to re-import your email folders (DBX files that moved earlier) from outlook express following this page (go to the "2'nd Phase: Alternative method"):

Hi Rafael ,

I moved the DBX folders, but it did not help. The program keeps opening and after a few seconds it closes. Should I give up?

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