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OE account passwords
Hi!   One of my computers runs Windows 7 Professional and for mail has always used OE downloaded from runasxp.  Recently the computer suffered some sort of hiccup which closed it down and required running the Windows 7 automatic recovery tool to get it working again.  Since then it has been running OK except that each time I open OE I now have to input the passwords afresh for each of my mail accounts.  This is straightforward to do but is an irritating waste of time when previously OE stored the passwords and remembered them without their having to be re-entered.   I have tried clicking the "remember password" boxes (there are four accounts) but this no longer seems to work.   Is there a fix for this?   nicander79 (Nick Steinitz)
This can be fixed by reinstalling. You can just install (without reinstalling first), so no emails or settings will be lost.


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