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OE Won't Close
I have just installed OE on a second computer also running Windows 7. Everything works fine, even a second account that I originally had trouble adding, but it will not close. Clicking the cross in the top right corner doesn't work (the minimise and shrink buttons work OK) nor does clicking on Exit in the File menu. All other applications work fine. Any idea why this should be the case?

Second question, to enable me to synchronise the two computers, where does OE store received and sent emails and attachments?
Is there any add-on, anti spam you use for oe that may block it?
also, what antivirus do you use?

Outlook express emails (and attachments) folder can be found by opening settings ("Tools>Settings") and clicking on "Maintenance" Tab.
There is a button called "Store Folder", click it and it will show the path.


.docx   OE screen shot.docx (Size: 195.52 KB / Downloads: 13)

I don't have a "Settings" item under the Tools menu or any other menu, see screenshot above. Am I missing something?
OK found it, Tools Menu > Options then "Store Folder" button. This tells me that messages are stored in C:\Users\my name\AppData\Local\Identities\{long code}\Microsoft\Outlook Express.

On the computer that has been running OE for a while now, there are 8 such file folders with long codes, all of which have sub-folders \Microsoft\Outlook Express all of which appear to contain data with different dates.

On the computer on which I have just installed OE there is just a single folder with a long code and the follow up sub-folders and data

I was hoping to be able to synchronise the two computers using a USB data link so that each computer contained the same messages and attachments regardless of which one downloaded them in the first place. One computer is a desktop in my office, the other a laptop used when travelling.

I used to use Eudora, which allowed me to specifiy the location of all files so that I could put that into my "My Documents" folder which I synchronise regularly between the two computers. Now I am trying to do the same with OE
I mean "Options" not Settings, my mistake.
And as i can see on your screenshot, there is an add-on installed on oe, that most likely causes the problem that oe does not close.
But i cannot see it to find out from what program is that because the "Tools" menu on picture is hiding it.

that "long code" folder is the Identities folder.
Outlook express supports more than one Identities per user.
Identities are email folders.
So if you go to File>Switch identities you can switch from one to another.
Most likely your "Old pc" has more that one identities. You can find the one you want and sync the "Outlook express" folder in that identity folder.

Thank you for your help so far.

Having synchronised the store files from one computer to another about two weeks ago, I have done another synchronisation today. The second computer did not find all the emails although all 9 <long name files> were copied / updated. Then I looked on the first computer to check which was the "store file" and on the second computer changed the store file to match, then I could see all recent emails.

However, you say the <long name files> each represent a different identity, but I only have one identity, but two email accounts, and yet my computer has added another <long name file> since I last posted.

Is it possible to define a single fixed file location for ALL emails provided I only use one identity?
Yes, Create a new identity and import there all needed emails.
After that you can delete old identities.


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