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OE As XP for Win7 - E-mails take forever to open?
Started just last week.
When i click on a specific e-mail it takes 3-8 seconds to open.
And it seems to get worse. Sometime I just get a blank window 
and can't see the e-mail text content at all? When I try to 
restart OE it gets slightly better but only for a short time
What is causing this?
Check if you have large email folders and create archive folders (sub folders) to move old emails.
This may happen because of large mail folders.
You may try compacting emails also (File>Folder>Compact all folders)
Before compacting i suggest you to make a backup of email folders (dbx files)

I have created sub-folders an no folder is to large.
I even deleted the Inbox.dbx (that sometimes can cause problems)
but to no avail.
It must be something else that is causing the problem, but I am out
of options trying to solve this.

I am still using the Outlook Express (Run As XP) version (oe6_1.6.1)
from 2014.  Could a new Win7 update be causing this problem?
Or maybe the antivirus e-mail check (AVG)?

Tried to update OE (oex221_last_version) but Don't have a working
PayPal account.
Hi, i sent you an e-mail, did you get it?
i replied you


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