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Nooby screw up importing of XP identities into Win 7
Somehow I have screwed up the importing of my old account identities in OE 6. I get the following error when I try to import the .iaf files from another computer. "the import could not complete because an account with that name already exists."

I then uninstalled OE 6 completely down to registry entries.

I drilled down into Apps/Users and purged all of the identity GUIDs I could find. When I reinstalled OE, I still got the same error.

I know it's something stupid I did, what can I do to straighten it out?

Uncle JackHuh

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is there any other account when you are trying to import .iaf file?

(05-04-2016, 12:09 PM)Rafail Wrote: is there any other account when you are trying to import .iaf file?

Well I only have a Main Identity but when I click on properties it shows as attached. That is one account I entered before I did the import. Where does that account reside and how can I delete it so I can import all my iaf accounts and emails from my previous installation of Win XP OE6?
first of all, you cannot import email account(iaf file) that has the same name with the one you already created. You can delete created account (click on "remove" button) and then import iaf file.
For full instructions how to backup and restore account read:


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