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Moving Messages In & Out of OE6 Local Folders
I turned off UAC per below and restarted the computer - the problem remains.

To turn UAC on or off
Open User Account Control Settings by clicking the Start button, and then clicking Control Panel. In the search box, type uac, and then click Change User Account Control settings. Do one of the following: To turn off UAC, move the slider to the Never notify position, and then click OK.

I wouldn't be happy about leaving this off either. I want to be notified of any changes or additions with programs.
UAC is preventing some functions on some applications. This includes outlook express.
If uac is needed, you can try using oe without admin rights (some settings may not be changed but for receiving and sending emails is fine)
To use oe without admin rights you must create a second shortcut directly to msimn.exe, this will diable tray settings menu that needs admin rights to run.
To create that shortcut you can manually create a new shortcut pointing to msimn.exe on oe installation folder or use tray icon settings menu to create it: (read "Create OE shortcut to run without Administrative rights" section)

I just mentioned that I turned UAC off. Nothing changed after using OE6.

I don't understand why I need to be making these changes when the program worked on the very same machine prior to a factory restore of the operating system.

One thing I noticed when I reinstalled OE6 was that it kept all the settings, the address book was automatically imported, and store folder was automatically changed. So if it kept those settings then it must have kept the "problem setting" also.

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