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Lost Outlook
Window 10 just did a Major update and lost Outlook that I downloaded from here a while ago.

It was working great till this update now does not open at all.

How do I get it all back??

Trying to download from here and page not working??

How do I get my keys again? are they still on my computer?

Windows 10 Upgrade removes OE and many other programs, even some office versions (!)..
Contact so i can resend your keys
Normally old emails and accounts are there, read here for more info:
Download and reinstall OE.

What was the problem when downloading from download page?


First I already had Windows 10 Loaded on my Computer and had your Outlook on my computer.

It was working Great and Very Happy with it. Microsoft did some Major Update to Windows 10

After it was finished Outlook was gone - all my Emails Files are still loaded on my computer but Outlook does not work.

So with out emails could not remember your site - when found it Tried to download Outlook

I am using Firefox when Click on Download it opens a new page that says : Problem Loading Page - The connection was reset.

I just tried now and does the same thing.

Can you send me a link for you download and can try that.

I was worry that your page maybe is Spoofed so not real.

Thanks for the help
Here is the download page

And here the download link:


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