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Key Installation

Just to clarify this point of "Donate" for "Key".

Once having receiving the 3 installation keys, you then only use one key for
one software installation providing there is no installation error.

Then in case of some mishap or bad error, we need to do a re-install, I gather we
use the 2nd key then the 3rd key and, have run out of all the keys, do we need
to donate again for another extra 3 keys?

Does this applies to any new update version that comes out later down the track?

Why cannot the key become just like a lifetime licence just for the client, who
is donating? Is there any plan for this?

This way, we do not succumbed to money just thrown away for some mishap of
some installation failure which nobody can predict what computer we are running on.

Do appreciate the work that gone into this marvelous project.

Please advise.

Thank you for your question
As you have read on the email with installation keys, there are 3 keys.
Each key can me used on one computer and for up to 10 installations per computer. That means that you can reuse the same key in case of installation error up to 10 times.
The other 2 keys can be used for later versions or for installing on other computers.
In this point you have to make a choice if you want to use your other 2 keys for installing on other computers or for not using them and keep them for next versions.
I hope that i was clear enough.

Hi Admin

Thanks for your reply & it was very informative.

I will go ahead & donate.



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