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It does not import mail
It does not import mail

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same problem for me, in the list as in symulmed's picture I have more possibilities but if I click on microsoft outlook express 6 and then OK, nothing happens,
I have not had any problems. I suppose you have copied all the .dbx files to a folder that O.E. can access. in the new operating system.

I have all the .dbx files that I want to import in a specific folder in my external hard disk. when I click on files menu, import, messages, a requester opens up where I can choose the type of messages
microsoft exchange
microsoft outlook
microsoft outlook express 6
microsoft windows mail 7
I click on microsoft outlook express 6, then click on OK
for a moment there is the wait turning wheel on the OK gadget but then nothing happens
it should open up a requester to indicate to the program where to find the .dbx files, but nothing happens
I would not use "import", but I would copy that folder with the .dbx that it has in an external disk in the internal disk and then I will modify it in the O.E. the place where O.E. where you save the storage folder. (Tools-> Options-> Maintenance-> Storage folder)

So I did it and I had no problems

Excuse my English from Google, I'm Spanish.
good idea, but what if I have 6 identities and so 6 folders with .dbx files?
how would you proceed?
I do not know, because I work with only one identity, but if each identity has a different associated folder, I suppose that each identity can be pointed to each folder, but I have not experienced that, I'm sorry.

Please try the guide below to import emails:

thank you, this in teh link is the standard method, but the poit is that when I click on microsoft outlook express 6 and then OK, nothing happens.
BTW, I will try the other method of moving the dbx files folder and redirecting OE to that new position

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