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Interoperation problems with Yahoo webmail (YW)
I am laregly happy with OE, and the same goes for YW. But the moment I want to do something 'here' an something else 'there', trouble starts.

There is a reason to distribute the work. Let me give you an example: I sent an email via YW, then I want to send it again to someone else. If I attach a copy of it from OE, then it will unfold on the YW form. 

If I, in order to prevent this from happening, instead attach the copy to a new email message sent from OE, and with a copy to YW, all non-standard (still widely used) letters like umlauts (ä, ö, ü) are being changed, in both the OE and the YW copy. An excerpt of this effect is attached. 

How can we avoid this?

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Most likely it has to do with non unicode chaacters.
Please follow the guide below to fix it:

Thanks, but my settings were right. It seems you gave the solution for another problem that I don't have...

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