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Installing issue
I have downloaded the latest OE for the umpteenth time and paid for many many keys. However, I have a new problem after Microsoft applied an another update. I have spent hours on line to them, without resolution. It appears that Microsoft are deliberately removing OE. Yesterday I downloaded the programme once more, entered the key and clicked on 'FINISH'. I immediately received a message that the security settings will not allow this installation. I have tried every which way to work round this, without success. The offending program appears to be <Microsoft .NET Framework>. I have tried switching this off, but then other programs stop working. Any body have any suggestions. I have used OE for some ten years and it is the most user friendly program, but Microsoft do not like it, and either remove it completely, or deliberately interfere with it!!!!!
please upload a screenshot of the error message you got while installing.
Have you downloaded last version ?

That error (net framewrok error) has been resolved a long time now..


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