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Insert attached a shortcut (Docs.lnk)
Hi Rafail,

My wife sends a lot of attachments. I have put a shortcut to her Docs folder on her desktop. In the original OE, in a new message, she would first click on Insert, then File attachment, and be shown a droplist of her drives. She could then click Desktop and be shown the contents of her Desktop, including the Docs shortcut. When she then clicked on the Docs shortcut (Docs.lnk), the Docs folder would open and allow her to navigate among her Docs subfolders and files to pick the attachment she wanted.

With your (otherwise wonderful) Win7 version of OE, if she clicks on the Docs shortcut, instead of opening her Docs folder, OE immediately attaches Docs.lnk to her email message.

Is this something I can fix through a configuration change?

you can right click on docs shortcut (in desktop) and click open, it will show docs contents


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