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Importing old emails from Outlook 2007
I have installed RunasXP Outlook 6 on my Laptop. My desktop has Outlook 2007 preinstalled and Outlook 2007 runs OK. Is it possible to copy all my old emails from Outlook 2007 to my laptop? I have exported my address book OK but can find no way to export my email folders.
I have always found the following works for me:
1.In my Documents folder I create sub folders for each of my OE identities.
2.In OE go to Tools, Maintenance and you will find a question if you wish to change your store folder.
3. In each identity I then change the store folder to the subfolder in the Documents folder.
4. OE will then ask if you wish to change the store folder and you confirm this.
5. OE will then use these folders as the store folders. You will most probably have to go out of OE first and then open it again to start working.

I do not know Outlook 2007, but if you can change the Outlook 2007 store folders, if you know where they are, to the same as I described above you might find all your emails in OE. I followed this procedure migrating from the Microsoft version of OE and it worked for me.
I hope this helps.
Actually you cannot import from outlook 2007 to outlook express. The only working method for this (a bit tricky) is selecting all your emails on a folder on outlook 2007 (ctrl+A) and drag them on a folder (eg. on a folder on your desktop)
That will export your emails in .eml files.
After exporting them, you can follow the guide below, to import eml files on outlook epxress:


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