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Importing mail rules from OE/XP to OE/W10
New member! Nice to meet you! I would be so happy to have OE6 in my W10...But, I have some questions.
For example, I have more than 70 mail rules in my OE XP. Will it be possible to import them? (I am not a beginner and I am not afraid ot the registry).
Nice to meet you too polka!
Yes, you must export registry key
HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Identities\{NUMERIC-IDENTITY-KEY}\Software\Microsoft\Outlook Express\5.0\Rules

Quote:The numeric identity key is different for each user and computer, it looks like "{123456778-AASA-43AD-A2B9-4A96A7835654}"

Export the "Rules" key using right click>export and save copy that file on new computer.

After copying it to new computer, right click on that reg file and click "edit"

Open registry editor on new computer and find your identity name (numeric identity key).
Replace the identity key on reg file with the one on new computer (on all lines) and save the reg file (file>save)

double click on reg file and click "Yes" to import it.

Thks! But I export XP reg files. Can I import them into W10 registry?!
yes of course, just remember to edit the numeric identity key

Thks again, I won't forget...! My W10 is 64 bits. Are you full compatible with it?
yes :-)

and what about the 'online' AVG mail check? Is it safer to disable it or do you accept it?!
i think you dont have to disable it, oe works fine with that

ok, thks again.
I donate - purchase - the program today, and export my rules from my old xp, and after change the identity, and dblclick the reg file, all ok, the rules are updated...

But some rules not work - the rules that move emails to other folder -, and also, if I create a new rule or change any rule, press apply, and the program always crash... I test many times, and crash...

Any solution...???

Appear to be the runasxp outlook express not have the possibility of save rules???

My windows are Windows 10 Pro at 64 Bits...

Thanks in advance...

Pd: I test in my old xp and the rules reg file exported, work in xp and in windows 10 runasxp outlook express I check and the rules are exactly that I have in my xp, but the rules that move emails to another folder, not work...
??? Is normal this???

I test another time, erasing the rules that move emails to a folder, and accept, erase and ok...

But after I attempot to create a new normal rule, or modify an existing rule, and not work...

Tomorrow I attempt to erase all - I retrieve a Norton Ghost Copy of my Windows 10, I have a ghost copy of my windows 10 begin installed, and not installed nothing more, virgin totally, and after install the runasxp oe and attempt to create a rule without put my old rules, runasxp totally virgin also, and attempt to create a rule, simple rule, if not work, I comment...

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