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Importing emails to other identity
I have 3 different identities, how to import emails from one identity to another ? (Import > Emails > Outlook Express is not working/not importing) ?

PS: are very glad tht OExpress is otherwise working well on Windows 8,1 - many thanks Rafail !!! donation is comeing.
Hello there,
You can user KLS Mail Backup (you can download it on Outlook Express add-ons section)
Outlook exress Backup Restore tool.

I recommend KLS Mail Backup.
You must run it on old (XP) pc to backup identities and then on 7 or 8 pc to restore.

But if you use that tool, when running it on windows 7 or 8 (for restoring identities) you must right click on kls mail backup shortcut and make it run on xp sp2 compatibility. Read the second post on kls mail backup thread.
[Image: klsmail1.jpg]


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