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Import messages not working

I´m trying to put some .eml emails into OE and I can´t.
Draggin them from a folder in C: directly into OE fails
And using Import, also fails, can you check it out?
Well, i'll give you a (trmporary) solution for that , it will be fixed on next verion.

1: Go to Outlook express installation directory, to do that, right click on Outlook express shortcut and click porperties, then, on properties window click 'open file location'.

2: locate file 'msimn.exe' and right click on it and then click properties.

3: On properties window, go to 'Compatibility' Tab and click 'Change setting for all users', there, uncheck 'run this program as administrator' and click OK to close all windows.

4: run manually msimn.exe (double click on it) and you will see that importing .eml files using drag-drop is working.


Hello, I did, but instead of having my emails copied into the oe folder, I just got a bunch of opened windows trying to forward that eml as attachment...
are you sure ? did you run msimn.exe instead of starting oe from normal shortcut?


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