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IMAP folders not (all) appearing
I have just started using OE with IMAP. I created some folders using another client (Thunderbird), but only some of them appear in OE (folders created a bit earlier, I think) (even when clicking on the account and then IMAP Folders...). Is there a synchronisering problem?

By the way, can I make new IMAP folders in OE? I can't see the function under 'IMAP Folders'? I have to use e.g. Thunderbird...

Imap folders are on server side, but POP3 folders are on computers side and managing is better.
I suggest you to switch to POP3.
Otherwise, please send me Personal Message (pressing PM button on the bottom left of this post) with a screenshot of your imap account settings to check them.

Thanks for the quick reply!
Do I understand that OE does not work well with IMAP? This seems a pity, as I would like to use IMAP which works fine with e.g. Thunderbird, but I think OE is a much nicer interface (esp. for searching mails). Creating a folder with Thunderbird gets reflected on the server - so then you can see the folder appear on another Thunderbird client (but not on OE).
Here are screenshots (attached).
I have seen your settings and look correct.
If you right click on mail IMAP folder (the root folder that has your email address as name), there is no option like "New folder"?

To view all imap folders please follow these steps:
click on "IMAP Folders" icon on top right,or right click on root IMAP folder (the one that has your account name) and click "IMAP Folders"
Then click on each folder and click "Show" (see attached screenshot)


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