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I can not delete messages
In inbox. Some of them do not respond to delete button. One of them
blocks program, when I try to delete.
you should try compacting your folders:
File>Folder>Compact all folders
This may solve it, most likely that emails is corrupt.

Dont work.

What can I do, when the email is corrupt?
the compacting usually fixes corruption.
you can delete mail folder that contains that email (eg. inbox) but you will lose all messages on that folder.
email folders location can be found using tray icon menu:
there is a button "Browse mail folder". You will find mail folder there. You can rename corrupt email folder file (inbox) so it will recreated. Outlook express must be closed when renaming mail folder files (dbx files)

ps. I have edited your username, your old username contained email address which is not allowed. Email addresses are not ment to be showed on public.


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