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Gmail and Hotmail (Live mail) Account Settings
Account setings to set up your Gmail or Hotmail (live) account for Oulook Express.

1.From menu, open Tools>Accounts and click on mail tab.
2.Double click on your account in the list and set all settings like on attached images for each account provider

Gmail account settings:
For Gmail, after setting  up your acount on outlook express, please follow all steps below:

STEP1. Please make sure that you have enabled POP access on your Gmail account:

STEP2. You must enable this option on gmail for email clients to be used for your gmail:

STEP3. Try sending email, if fails, you must unlock captcha.
To do thay just open this link:


Hotmail (Live) account settings (this applies for account also):

Enable POP in Hotmail/

   Open your browser and login to your Hotmail/ account: or
   Click the Hotmail Options icon Hotmail Options at the top-right of the page
   Click the Options menu item
   Click the Connect devices and apps with POP link on the left-pane
   In the POP heading select the Enable option
   In the Deleting downloaded messages heading, select the Don’t let devices or apps delete messages from option
   Click the Save button



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