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Firefox and links from OE
I've mentioned this before, but going to again. I have been having great luck running OE that you re-engineered to work with 8.1 and it and my Windows XP share the same drive and folders for the emails and all is VERY good.

However, I opened up the email tonight when running in Windows 8.1 OS (dual boot) and got my email. There was an invite to rate some root beer syrup I bought so I went there. I rated the syrup but again noticed that the minimize, full and X (close) icons in upper right are not there but just black boxes. You have said it is Firefox to me before. But here is the puzzle:

I open Firefox as a new browser either from my task bar or the desktop icon and it opens fine and the icons in upper right are always there... always.

I have another email client called POP Peeper. It runs fine in Windows XP, and all the way through Windows 10 with no issues. If I click on the same link in the email to take me to the website it opens my default browser, Firefox, and it opens as NORMAL. ALL the icons in the upper right are there. Makes no difference what web page I go to it opens correctly and looks like the normal Firefox. ONLY when I open a link using your program Outlook Express do I get this. Now, you might say this is a Firefox problem but then if it was then all the times I open Firefox not going through any email links that same problem should be there and ESPECIALLY if I open it in another email client like POP Peeper and get a normal web browser page with no issues. Therefore I propose that you might need to dig further into this detail as there is something in your email coding that causes the browser to not correctly work. - Vern
I've added 2 attachments. One is link from POP Peeper, other is from your Outlook Express.

I copied the web URL in the address from the previous post and closed Firefox as it had that black box in upper right corner from following an email link and then coming to this site. Then I opened Firefox back up and pasted the address URL in the address box and hit enter. Brought me back to this webs site and this post with absolutely no issues nor black box in the upper right corner. I've attached a brand new screen save to verify this.

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One other thing of note. I had come to this site using a copy/paste from the URL AFTER I had closed out all Firefox Browser. It came up as a new blank page (as per my settings) and when I Ctrl+V and pasted the URL in the address it came to this spot as normal, meaning upper right icons all there. AND as long as it is left in the running state (Firefox) and I went to my email and looked at new email in Outlook Express 6 (downloaded from here), running Windows 8.1 I opened up a fresh email, clicked on the hyperlink in the email and it opened up a NEW tab and went to that address correctly. Meaning, the new "TAB" has not changed the look of the Firefox interface. RECAP: Firefox is not started and I click on a hyperlink and get the missing icons in upper right. Firefox IS started and working normal and I click on a hyperlink from Outlook Express and the new URL opens a NEW tab in Firefox as normal. It appears it only happens when the program (Outlook Express) starts a fresh browser session of Firefox from a hyperlink in one of the emails. NO OTHER email client is doing this. That is why I think it is something within Outlook Express that is not communicating correctly with either the registry or hyperlinks to open a FIRST time use of the browser Firefox.

If I could repeat this with any other 3rd party email client, then, yes, I'd agree that there is a Firefox issue. Where others can open Firefox correctly with the hyperlink in the email makes me believe it is not Firefox issue.
For me it works just fine. I did not encounter that problem with Firefox links mentioned in this thread by aksarben.

I have Windows 8.1 Pro, the last Firefox 38.0.1 and of course OE 6.
But I'm pointing out that I use two add-ons:

- one for Firefox: Classic Theme Restorer

- one for Windows 8.1 Pro: Classic Shell

I attach a print screen of my desktop with a Firefox capture.

I suggest to aksarben to use those add-ons and see if the problem persists afterwards.

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I already have Classic Shell. It was probably the FIRST thing I did when I installed 8.1 PRO on this computer and was first thing on my HP Laptop that came with 8.1. Great program.

Ok... I followed your link and installed the Classic Theme Restorer into my Firefox. I will completely close out of this Firefox session (as I started it as a stand alone and it is working correctly (upper right icons there)), and see if clicking the link from OE6 still has those issues.

UPDATE: Still giving fits with opening as a hyperlink in OE. POP Peeper hyperlinks open Firefox fine.... just not the ones from OE. I even got a reply from Mozilla to try disable WebGL to show that it is "true" about:config in the address bar and search for WebGL Double click on it to chane the disable from false to true. Still did not clear up the issues with Firefox and OE.
Let me try this on my laptop that runs Windows 8.1 and latest Firefox and see if the condition exists there as well.
I went to my laptop. Running Windows 8.1 with updates.. running Firefox 38.0.1 like this one. Running OE6 that I installed, like this one and the hyperlinks in OE open Firefox just fine. No issues with upper right icons.

Do I need to completely remove Firefox and start all over with it? Save (export) my bookmarks so I can re-introduce them later?

Now it is real perplexing. However, POP Peeper opens hyperlinks just fine and if I start Firefox before clicking a link in OE it also works fine. Looks like between OE and Firefox there is something missing in the linking.

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