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Find message
Hi everyone, I encountered a problem. My "find message" function suddenly crashed. I'm very sure this crash is not caused by big size of the folder. I've also try every single folder but it doesn't work. I've even reinstalled OE6 and the problem still exists. Anyone can help fix this problem? Thanks in advance. (The attachment is the relevant screenshot for reference.)

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what do you mean crashed? do you get any error when trying to find an email?

Hi Rafael,
Thanks for your response. I've finally figured out what happen. Please refer to

The 'Find Message' function can fail due to the following possible reasons:

1) Outlook Express identity is damaged.

2) The specific Outlook Express folder is corrupt

However, to create a new identity didn't help me solve the problem. But, I had a feeling that probably there is something wrong with my mail maintenance folder. I therefore copy some .dbx into a new folder then change the mail storage path, the finding message function was back. But, the folder structure naturally was gone. I will need to re-construct the structure tree. I'm very power user, there are 917 folder in my OE mail system. I guess it could be too much loading for the maintenance mail folder. It'll take my much time to fix it, but at least the problem is solved. As what I know, not too many user encounters this problem. This experience probably can be a reference when someone is hit.

Jeff Lee

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