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Fidolook not working in Windows 7?
Hi. I'm trying to get Outlook Express 6 for Windows 7 / 8 running in my Windows 7 Pro SP1 x64 install and everything is going nominal -- I managed to import my mail folder and accounts without problems, no small feat since it is now 3GB and has mail in it dating back to 2003. Cool

Now I was expecting that FidolookSL would replace the essential OE-QuoteFix I have been using (I posted about it elsewhere); but whenever, I enable the Fidolook option from the tray icon right click menu, the main OE window just vanishes and doesn't return until I disable that option. Is this to be expected and how can it be solved? Undecided

Thanks in advance. Smile
Another issue found: it seems Deep Root Software Extra Keys is not able to directly insert international accented characters and other symbols into OE messages -- it does this via clipboard, which still works, but not directly...

Can this OE setup be used as the default system MAPI handler? The reason I'm asking is because it also fails with MAPI requests from Stefan's Tools MailNoter, a simple text capture and email utility, even if it is run with admin privileges...

Quote:MailNoter.exe - Entry Point Not Found

The procedure entry point StreamSubStringMatch could not be located in the dynamic link library MSOERT2.dll.

BTW, thanks for unbanning me. Big Grin

seems like automatic spam filter banned you by mistake,

Normally fidolook should work, try running fidolook.exe drectly form outlook express installation forder (as administrator) just for testing.
Some antivirus software blocks fidolook.exe and sendto.exe as suspect (fake alert), check that also.

on windows 7 and 8 microsoft has changed the mapi mail service with the new one Dodgy, and many email clients does not work with new mapi...
Outlook express wont support windows 7 and 8 mapi (new mapi) , thats the reason thst sendto tool is included (to send emails with right click) since normal microsofts wont work because its based of course on mapi.

as for the characters, i tried with greek and seems to work, witch lang are you using?

Ok, got it.

I run Sentinel (ClamWin) on demand, so this is not anti-virus related. I see now there are two other threads with MSOERT2.dll related errors (47 & 632, won't link so as to not get auto-banned again), with your solution detailed in thread 606. So I get it, MAPI is a no go, ATM. Cool

Didn't test your solution for Fidolook yet, as I'm currently on my XP machine, where I have default OE working perfectly -- more on this later...

BTW, the forum works really, really slow in Firefox/XP, sometimes taking over a minute to show a thread. Windows 7 has no such problem. Huh
Thank you midas, ill check that problem with the slow website response.


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