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Export from OE to Outlook 2010/ 2016

is an export from OE2.2xx (I don't have installed it) to Outlook 2010 (and than to Outlook 2016) possible?
I need to convert complete dbx-files to pst.

I run Win10 64 bit and I like OE, but I need some of the e-mails also in Outlook.

Hi, I will answer myself:
I installed OE 2.2.1 in Win10 64 bit,
I can access to all my dbx-files.
I can export to Outlook 2016 without problems.

But I like my folder structure in OE -> each folder will have its own dbx-file.
In Outlook all is in one huge pst-file.

So many thanks for your work on OE.

(And just in case for other users: this solution is much cheaper to convert dbx to pst-files as with expensiver converters.)
Having individual .dbx files (data files ) IS the reason I try to stick with OE6 rather than use my Outlook that I do have from Office 2003. It works, but I abhor that large one file for all things. With Rafael's Outlook Express for Windows 10, you can go in there to the store folder (even change the location from the registry) and make a copy of which ever .dbx file you want and save it to a USB, alternate drive, or other location and literally back the file(s) up.

Another nice feature of OE6 over the Outlook is to have the store folder on another partition (drive) and use that. If you dual boot and happen to use Outlook Express in Windows XP Pro, you can change the default store to that location, so no matter what OS you are booted into, your email is now currnent.

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